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Training video for UNICEF and AFLATOUN of Nepal

Fat Wreck and Jade Tree recording artists Strike Anywhere live on the canals of Amsterdam

Mission statement and introduction video for The Dutch/Norwegian Business Network

One in a series of travel videos I’ve made for fun.

Presenting Amsterdam Light Festival for Amsterdam Calling


Logo for What's Up Amsterdam Podcast, a weekly podcast of the events, concerts, comedy events and whatnot happening in Amsterdam What’s Up Amsterdam (or WUA) is a weekly fast-paced, entertaining and totally candid podcast roundup of what’s up in Europe’s most exciting city.

Jonathan Groubert, the award winning host of The State We’re In, is teaming up with podcaster, videographer and bicycle builder Nate Tytor, to bring you a weekly podcast highlighting the best Amsterdam has to offer. Every Monday Jonathan and Nate pull back the curtain on the restaurants you can’t read about in travel books, the bands you didn’t know were in town and other events in this wonderful city of ours. The inside scoop, the hot $h!#, the good art. If it’s fun, fancy or funky we’ll tell you about it. If you live in Mokum, or you’re visiting us for the first time, What’s Up Amsterdam is an indispensable roadmap of the canal city. Click HERE to visit the website


Host, producer and writer of the What’s Up Amsterdam TV show for the Broadcast Amsterdam Network.